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Somali Characteristics


Somalis are extroverted, lively, alert cats that love to play, love attention, and thrive on human companionship. They are very curious, captivating, and expressive, with alluring personalities. Somalis are intelligent, learn quickly, remember remarkably well, and show a playful sense of humor. They are natural show-offs and born clowns. Somalis have a naturally happy disposition, desire the company of humans, and demand to be treated as one of the family. 

The Somali is a well-proportioned, medium to large cat with firm muscular development, lithe body, showing an alert, lively interest in all surroundings. Somali coats are generally two to three inches in length, non-matting, and easy to care for. They have a remarkable "fox-like" appearance due to their markings, bushy tail, full breeches, and ruff. The Somali is available in ruddy, red, blue, and fawn.



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